Almost everyone knows what the customizer is, a useful feature, introduced few versions ago, for customizing the blog with a live preview. It’s a really powerful tool!
Unfortunately the WP development team decided to dismiss the classic admin pages for the custom header and custom background in favor of the customizer (as described in this article: WordPress 4.1 to Remove Custom Background and Header Admin Screens).
I say “unfortunately” because it affects two of our themes: Fastfood and Shiword. Both themes use a modified page for handling their complex custom backgrounds. Moreover Fastfood adds an additional feature (the header slider) to the custom header page.

Those admin pages are now gone forever… well, not actually. They’re simply hidden and apparently unattainable.

We’re working hard to update our themes to be fully compatible with the customizer, but until then, here’s a small plugin for getting back the links to the classic admin pages for the header and the background:

TB Old-fashioned Header and Background

Don’t worry, the plugin does nothing but adding some few css rules to the admin side 😉

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  • ilmaren ilmaren
    Great job mate, You're doing great!


created using Cacoo

Jimo - 24 July 2014 - 1
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If Chuck Norris had a property, this would be display: inline-block

Jimo - 25 June 2014 - 0

Boozurk 3.00 Released

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NOTES: Since this update, some of the features will be REMOVED/REPLACED:



While I was testing the Infinite Scroll feature in Jetpack plugin, I noticed this in the brand-new WP theme that comes with WP3.8…

Hey WP, our themes are likely to be rejected by your WPTRT (theme reviewers team) for this kind of issues 😉

Jimo - 27 February 2014 - 1
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  • ilmaren ilmaren
    Mmmmmm I don't think the reviewers block it, do you?

Season’s Headers 2013

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TBCrew TBCrew - quite a long while ago... WilliamShakesBeer_medium.png

Yes we are!
On holiday 😉

Wish everyone a Joyfull New Year

Boozurk 2.08.1 Released

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  • option for hiding sidebars
  • max-width for hi-res monitors
  • hoverIntent added to fading animations
  • new function for printing credits (partially filterable)
  • a lot of filters and hooks for adding/deleting/modifing the theme elements and functions
  • added TheHookAlliance hooks support
  • display image captions while viewing with thickbox
  • Jetpack modules support (Carousel, Likes, Sharedaddy, InfiniteScroll)
  • RSS link in “follow me” widget customizable
  • low resolution monitors ( less then 960px ) compatibility
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs support
  • Font Awesome iconset
  • options for selectively disabling basic animations
  • admin style integration for MP6 plugin
  • style integration for bbPress plugin
  • support for TB Comment Tools plugin
  • option for preventing page scroll when clicking the more link
  • filter for js tooltips selector
  • “Coming Soon” template
  • “Follow Me” widget fields validation


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  • Racine Racine
    Hey Jimo, is there a way to display 'post-top-details' is hierarchical order? Thanks ;)
  • Racine Racine
    I think I can figure this out, thank u.
  • race race
    Hi, is there any way I could add the categories of a custom post type to the top of a …
  • Jimo Jimo
    Hi, I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. Anyway, I suppose you've a custom query in order to display …
  • race race
    Ok, thank you. I will check this out.

Menu reorganization

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We have recently change our main menu to make it more user-friendly.
If you have any suggestion or compliant, please leave a feedback here.

Cheers everybody

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  • Сергей Сергей
    Отличное получилось меню ребята! У Вас в прочем всё отлично выглядит. Мне очень нравятся Ваши темы и я с огромным …
  • ilmaren ilmaren
    Thank you Сергей Good Luck to you too Cheers

Wallow 0.61 Released!

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After more than an year, Wallow has been updated!!

Let’s see what’s new from version 0.50:


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  • Сергей Сергей
    Спасибо за обновление моей любимой темы. Побежали обновляться, пока тёпленькая
  • ilmaren ilmaren
    Thank you Сергей :-)
  • rana rana
    where i can find demo ?
  • Jimo Jimo
    check the theme page on WPORG