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Quick-menus has always been a distinctive characteristic of TB’s themes, since the first, unknown, The Black City.
Quickbar plugin was developed to give people, that don’t want a TB theme, a rapid access tool to their blog contents, without using a TB theme.
The plugin is somehow different from the theme’s quickbar as all the fix elements (last posts, comments and categories), were removed and replaced by a widget “box”. This will give admins the possibility to put what they want in constant evidence without “forcing” the user to scroll the page.


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  • V.I. V.I.
    Una prima beta sarà rilasciata in un paio di giorni. A beta of the plugin will be released in a couple …
  • Jimo Jimo
    Siccome a noi piace la perfezione, siamo arrivati già alla beta4! Ma non temete, stiamo arrivando! ;) We are not satisfied …
  • V.I. V.I.
    still working with WP 3.2.1 :)
  • Jimo Jimo
    Oh, we make stuff really future-proof! :D