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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a happy new year
We wish everyone a Merry Christmass and a Joyfull New Year

([] CheerS [])

P.S. From tomorrow we’ll be on holiday = less support for a couple of weeks


Fastfood 0.30 Released

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Fastfood 0.30 has just been released!!!

New theme features from version 0.28.2:

  • Google +1 and Xing added to “Social Links” widget
  • javascripts grouped
  • new look for theme options page, and a lot of new options
  • “like” badges (Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon)
  • Thickbox for images/galleries
  • fixed bars (quickbar, navigation and status) fully customizable (via theme options)
  • title and content (in indexes) can be selected for each supported post format
  • new widget area, after the post content
  • WP-pagenavi native support
  • breadcrumb navigation


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  • David M. David M.
    Hello again, ;-) Is it possible, (and if so, how to do it?) to add links to other part of my …
  • V.I. V.I.
    Hi, in footer.php (if I'm not wrong), you should find some commented code to add a custom quick-bar section. Sorry I …
TBCrew TBCrew - quite a long while ago...

With WordPress 3.3 we found out that a commonly used function cause the admin dashboard to call theme style and mess thinks up. So we’ve just made a fast (& furious) fix for all our previously released themes and it’ll should be approved soon by WP.org staff.


Foxtrick 0.8 + twobeers skins

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Recently I updated my Foxtrick addon for Firefox to version 0.8, and unfortunately I realized that the skins I made long time ago (CleanTrick and DarkTrick) don’t work any more… D’oh!!!

First I thought it’s due to some changes in the html/css code of Hattrick page, but it’s not.

Actually it’s due to the Skin Plugin that comes with Foxtrick. Apparently it doesn’t work as in the past, taking the css code from an external source (.css file), but adding some plain css code in the text field (and the applying it to the page).
Therefore some css rules in my skins can’t be used (eg. in background: the image path points to a file that doesn’t exist).

So my beautiful skins are good only for the trash bin?? Luckily no :)


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  • V.I. V.I.
    Finally! I was tired to use just the default skin ;)

Shiword Skins

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  • weii weii
    I created a Chinese language pack. The address for: http://weii-wordpress.stor.sinaapp.com/uploads/2011/12/languages.zip
  • V.I. V.I.
    Hi weii, thanks for your submission, but you're in the wrong section and we already have an up-to-date chinese translation of …
  • Iulian Iulian
    Thx 4 all! You are great!