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  • V.I. V.I.
    Come dimenticarlo?!
  • V.I. V.I.
    The Black City is back in action! Thanks Jimo, we love your works!!!

Shiword Reverse

We updated our first (and actually only) child theme for Shiword.

Shiword Reverse
Shiword Reverse will bring the light into your blog 😀


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  • will will
    can someone please let me know if there is an update for this template. i tried uploading shiword reverse but …
  • Jimo Jimo
    At the moment there isn't an update for this child theme, sorry.
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  • filter for adding/customizing theme options
  • filter for overriding saved theme options
  • Jetpack features support (Infinite Scroll, Carousel, Likes)
  • The Hook Alliance support
  • low resolution monitors (less than 800px) compatibility
  • new “cracked” skin