Boozurk 2.08.1 Released

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  • option for hiding sidebars
  • max-width for hi-res monitors
  • hoverIntent added to fading animations
  • new function for printing credits (partially filterable)
  • a lot of filters and hooks for adding/deleting/modifing the theme elements and functions
  • added TheHookAlliance hooks support
  • display image captions while viewing with thickbox
  • Jetpack modules support (Carousel, Likes, Sharedaddy, InfiniteScroll)
  • RSS link in “follow me” widget customizable
  • low resolution monitors ( less then 960px ) compatibility
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs support
  • Font Awesome iconset
  • options for selectively disabling basic animations
  • admin style integration for MP6 plugin
  • style integration for bbPress plugin
  • support for TB Comment Tools plugin
  • option for preventing page scroll when clicking the more link
  • filter for js tooltips selector
  • “Coming Soon” template
  • “Follow Me” widget fields validation


  • code cleaned
  • sidebars moved after the footer (faster content loading)
  • hooks consistency (names, postions etc)
  • comment form filters defined in functions.php
  • the_bird.php renamed to admin.php + functions moved
  • “created_category” action error
  • “select logo” page
  • increased use of theme slug in code
  • hide page title in front-page
  • navigation buttons placement
  • css and js fixes
  • navigation buttons widget – fixed option removed

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Tema per WordPress: Boozurk

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  1. racine says:

    With the new 2.08.1 release, the right vertical nav bar icons are dead and do not work… “home”, “left/right,” “top of page,” and “bottom of page” icons/link are dead. Can you please fix this or tell me how to fix it?

    Thank you

    • ilmaren says:

      Hi racine,
      I’ve just live checked those icons on your site, and they do their job as expected.
      Can you please tell me which browser do you use? (maybe is a browser incompatibility issue)

      • Racine says:

        I use Safari. The minibuttons seem to work in firefox, but not Safari… is there a fix for this? Also, I would like to adjust the width of the main body/middle column to be less wide and make the sidebars more wide. How can I do this? Thanks so much for getting back to me :)

  2. Racine says:

    If you see my website, you will see that I have managed to widen the secondary sidebar myself through the style.css file; however, the comment box and the container its in is off balance. I have looked everywhere for a fix but I can not find how to fix this. Can you tell me where this container is so I can adjust its size? And are you available for hire? If this is complicated, can I hire you to fix this for me?

    Thank you!

    • ilmaren says:

      Jimo is working on your problem and soon he’ll give you an answer.

    • Jimo says:

      Here I am! :)
      First of all, restore the original style.css (or at least, undo all the changes you made to the layout). Then add the following css code to the “custom css” field in theme options page.

      #content {
      	margin-right: 460px;
      #sidebar-secondary {
      	width: 400px;
      #navbuttons.fixed {
      	right: 420px;
      #sidebar-secondary.fixed .inner,, .secondary.bottom-fade {
          width: 390px;
      #navbuttons a [class^="icon-"],
      #navbuttons a [class*=" icon-"],
      #navbuttons a [class^="icon-"]:before,
      #navbuttons a [class*=" icon-"]:before {
      	display: block; /* Safari fix */
      #head_wrap.fixed {
      	margin: -20px 462px 0 -42px; /* boozurk v3+ */
      @media screen and (min-width: 1440px) {
      	#navbuttons.fixed {
      		margin-left: 649px;
      	#sidebar-secondary.fixed {
      		margin-left: 692px;

      Now it should work as expected. As you can see, I also added the fix for the navigation buttons. By adding the code above in the theme options, it won’t be lost if you update the theme.

      Ps: we’re not available for hiring, but we’d be glad to get some donations. In next version of the theme, you’ll probably find the link in the theme options page. Thanks

  3. Racine says:

    OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! Such a perfect solution! I will gladly donate and continue to use this theme because I love it so much.

    I did find one small bug that was easy to fix… in style.css, Line 1093, the padding-top value for the menu bar should be 0px. Right now you have it as 30px to make room for the wordpress admin bar when one is logged in, but it doubles the height of the menu bar, making it really thick and overlapping the content below it. WordPress automatically pushes the boozurk menu bar down when you log in, so the padding value should be 30px. Just a tiny observation I made..

    Thanks again! I’m sure I’ll be posting more questions from time to time as I develop my site further. I saw a calendar feature in the style.css file, where can I find out more about that..?

    Ciao 😉

  4. Racine says:

    oops… so the padding value should be ****0px i mean.

  5. ilmaren says:

    Thanks again! I’m sure I’ll be posting more questions from time to time as I develop my site further. I saw a calendar feature in the style.css file, where can I find out more about that..?

    That part of the css is related to the default WP’s calendar widget (the one we have in our sidebar here).

    About your small fix, well done, but I may suggest you not to make changes directly into style.css. Instead add them to custom css field, as Jimo said above; Custom css fied has been added to prevent future release to overwrite user’s style changes.
    In this very case, just add

    #secondary1 {
    	padding-top: 0px;

    Cheers :-)

  6. Racine says:

    Thanks so much! Is there any way to add the #secondary1 menu bar to the “Coming Soon” template?

  7. Racine says:

    Hello again! I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the secondary sidebar have 3 columns? Right now it is one fixed column, but I have 3 widgets in there that need to be side by side… Can I do this? Also, please tell me where I can donate… Thank u!

  8. racine says:

    Nevermind! I figured it out, thank u :)

  9. Racine says:

    Thanks for your response… I always have questions. For some reason the cat colors are not working anymore and every post is the default color. It just stopped working one day. Is there a way to fix this? Thank u

    I am also curious if I can assign colors to different post formats? Like the categories, except with the post formats..

    • ilmaren says:

      Did you try to change them in theme options page?
      If not, please try to set different colors for various cat and then update.

      Colors can be assigned only to different categories

      • Racine says:

        All of my cat are set to different colors, yes, but they only show as the default color.

      • Racine says:

        I don’t think this is an easy fix because I have no idea why this feature stopped working, but I would like to change the color of my formatted posts so the left border color(s) of my posts would be different colors on the index page. Can this be done through the loop? At the bare minimum I am trying to figure out how the change the left border color… Thank you :)

        • ilmaren says:

          maybe I found out the problem:

          /* Correction: slight fix for single.php----------*/
          .single .format-status .storycontent,
          .single .category-status .storycontent {
          	padding-left: 30px;

          it’s missing the final } after 30px;
          The correct one:

          /* Correction: slight fix for single.php----------*/
          .single .format-status .storycontent,
          .single .category-status .storycontent {padding-left: 30px;}

          About different colors for index page and posts, it’s an heavy work and I don’t think it’ll be usefull: different colors are used to help the reader’s navigation throught the blog, and changing them would result I litte bit confusing.

          Hope it helps

        • ilmaren says:

          P.S. As you’re an old acquaintance of TwoBeers I’ve helped you out withot questioning, but we usually require that users asking for help keep running a link to us in their site… you know> no money, but glory :-)

  10. Racine says:

    Thank you much! Your code restored my link colors, however the category link colors still do not work. Not a big deal because I think I will keep the light blue default color because it coincides better with how my site works. I have my running link at the bottom of my site for ya. Thank u :)

  11. Racine says:

    Hiii once again… can anyone tell me how to add a login/logout link to the ? Thanks!

  12. Racine says:

    to this —-> boozurk_1st_secondary_menu()

    • Jimo says:

      add this to functions.php

      add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items', 'add_login_logout_link', 10, 2);
      function add_login_logout_link($items, $args) {
      	$loginoutlink = wp_loginout('index.php', false);
      	if ( $args->theme_location === 'secondary1' )
      		$items .= '<li>'. $loginoutlink .'</li>';
      	return $items;

      [EDIT 16-04-14]
      not tested, but should work 😉

      • racine says:

        Hi Jimo, thanks but this code did not work… I’m trying to add the login/ logout link to boozurk_1st_secondary_menu. I added the code to funtions but did not work. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been so swamped with research my brain hurts. I will see if i can tweak this code and maybe get it to work…unless u have another solution please let me know. thank u :)

  13. Racine says:

    Hey Jimo, is there a way to display ‘post-top-details’ is hierarchical order?

    Thanks 😉

  14. Racine says:

    I think I can figure this out, thank u.

  15. race says:

    Hi, is there any way I could add the categories of a custom post type to the top of a post on the index? Currently, it only allows me to display “post” categories. I have a custom post type entitled “test job” currently on the index/blog right now that I would like to display its ‘job_listing_category’ if possible??

    How can I show ‘job_listing_category’ on top of the custom post type??

    Thank so much!

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