Fastfood 0.30 Released

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Fastfood 0.30 has just been released!!!

New theme features from version 0.28.2:

  • Google +1 and Xing added to “Social Links” widget
  • javascripts grouped
  • new look for theme options page, and a lot of new options
  • “like” badges (Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon)
  • Thickbox for images/galleries
  • fixed bars (quickbar, navigation and status) fully customizable (via theme options)
  • title and content (in indexes) can be selected for each supported post format
  • new widget area, after the post content
  • WP-pagenavi native support
  • breadcrumb navigation

Fixes from version 0.28.2:

  • WordPress 3.3 compatibility
  • links in navigation bar (print, next/prev post, etc…)
  • fallback file for non-supported post formats
  • style for status/aside posts with float images inside
  • Odnoklassniki icon
  • post info rollover not working in Safari and Chrome
  • “Follow me” widget links and “Recent Comment Authors” widget links now open in new tab/window

Visit main post to leave a comment or get the download link:

Tema per WordPress: Fastfood

  1. David M. says:

    Hello again, 😉
    Is it possible, (and if so, how to do it?) to add links to other part of my site in the “quick bar” at the bottom left corner ?

    I tried to use the categories link but I redirected to a page from which I can direct to the part I want.

    The site is still under lots of construction…. I have to say that I tried other theme and each time got back to the fast food one !

    Thanx for your dedication and hard work.


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