Fastfood 0.32.2 Released

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Fastfood 0.32.2 has just been released!!!

Changes from version 0.32.1:


  • mobile detection
  • increased compatibility with WP3.4

Visit main post to leave a comment or get the download link:

Tema per WordPress: Fastfood

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  1. Cerro says:

    Thanks for the update! So glad to see this theme working properly again. I have been using this theme for a long time now and it is

    One thing I have noticed is the header text colour does not change from the default grey in the new version. The site title colour does not change but the tagline in the header does? If you see my blog header, you will know what I mean – part of it is grey, the rest is red.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Cerro,
      thanks for using our theme again. We work really hard for keeping it up to date by adding new useful features and by fixing all bugs …well, not “all” apparently :)
      By now, paste this code in custom CSS code option field (in theme options)

      #head h1 a{
          color: #9C0C0B;


      Ps:sooner or later I have to try one of your recipes. they looks so good… :)

  2. Cerro says:

    That did the job thanks. 😀

    Please do try one of the recipes, I hope you like it! :)

    • Jimo says:

      Hi again, hope you read this…
      I noticed that in your site is impossible to post comments (the comment field doesn’t appear).
      By a fast check, it’s due to some errors in the javascript that comes with the “digg” button. My suggestion is to disable that plugin.
      At least, uncheck the “floating comment form” option in theme options. In this case, the error will be still there but the users will be able to post comments.


      • Cerro says:

        Hmmm… thanks for spotting that! I was trying out the Jetpack Social Media comments but I couldn’t get it working from Spam Free WordPress, disabled it and it looked OK yesterday but wasn’t working today? :( I’ve disabled the Jetpack comments and gone back to SFW. I’ll have to experiment with that again.

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