Wallow 0.50 Released!

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Wallow 0.50 has just been released!!!

Let’s see what’s new from version 0.46.5:

  • Fixed print.css link
  • added a ton of new options
  • mobile support
  • less images + css3 rules + dinamic css builder = lighter then ever
  • WP 3.4 full compatible
  • WP-pagenavi native support

Visit main post to leave a comment or get the download link:

Tema per WordPress: Wallow

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  1. Anthony says:

    I just updated Wallow and it won’t run with the version of WP that my host is running, please see my website above. Is there any way tore-install the earlier version so it runs and looks ok? I need an answer quickly, please. LOVE THIS THEME, good work!
    Anthony Taylor

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Anthony,
      first of all you should ask your hoster to upgrade WP: 3.1 is really an old version (February 2011 if I can correctly remember).

      If previous version (0.46.4), did work correctly for you, you could download it from here.

      For older versions, just ask, I’ll post the link.

      Hope it helps


    • Jimo says:

      user liked this theme so much that he switched to another one… funny! :)

  2. Bob N. says:

    Just upgraded to your .50 Wallow. I don’t mind the upgrade but the elipses […] don’t work. They are non-clickable for the rest of the topic. Please fix fast, I lost half my work now.


    • Jimo says:

      If you leave the excerpt more string option blank, the theme ignores the excerpt more linked option and shows the standard non-clickable text “[…]”.
      So simply fill the excerpt more string option with some text

  3. Bob N. says:

    Where do I find the excerpt more string?

  4. Bob N. says:

    Never mind, I found it, thanks.

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