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As you probably know, WordPress 3.1 has just been released. Unfortunately we discovered some compatibility issues between this new release and our themes, as listed below:
Known issues:

Shiword (v1.11):

  • posts’ thumbnails aren’t displayed properly (in quickbar and in slideshow)
  • the new WP admin bar corrupt the general appearance [Suggestion: disable admin bar in settings]

Fastfood (v0.16):

  • posts’ thumbnails aren’t displayed properly (in quickbar)
  • quickbar panels (on the bottom left of the window) don’t show up [Suggestion: disable javascript animation in theme options]

We are currently working to fix these troublesome issues.

[EDIT] New versions of our themes (fully WP3.1 compatible)

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  1. V.I. says:

    [phone call]
    “Jimo emergency, what’s up?!”


  2. Jimo says:

    Eheheheheh 😀

    New versions of our themes (fully WP3.1 compatible) have been approved by WordPress team. They hopefully will be released shortly, but if you want you can already download them here:

    Updated themes released, download them here:

    Fastfood 0.20.2

    Shiword 1.15

  3. says:

    Why do I use the fast food theme, IE does not support? and I am so very angry, because my site’s visitors are saying, but there is a stupid person told me, “You who enter this site ah? ” I strongly Dissatisfaction!! a strong image of my site !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm!

    • James says:

      You are using a free theme and getting angry at the developer? People just continue to amaze me, the theme is free, be grateful that the coder/designer has spent countless hours creating something without asking for payment for others to use.

      If you don’t like it, or you have problems with the theme, ask the developer nicely if they can create a fix, or create your own theme, or pay someone to do it for you.

      To the developers, just found your theme today and been trying it out, I really like the features that come with the theme and it is a nice clean template as well. Thank you so much for providing this for free, much appreciated 😉

      • V.I. says:

        Hi James,
        thanks a lot for supporting/defending us :).
        You shot right on target, we do our best to develop free themes and provide a good support to people that use them.
        We’re not a company and this is just an hobby for both of us, so the only thing we ask for is people to be polite and clear when asking for something.
        Hope you’ll choose our theme for your blog ;), and, (maybe this should sound like a repetition ), if you need any support, find a bug, or think the theme is missing some features you need, just post for it.

        • James says:

          Hi, no probs for supporting you, it just annoys me at times when people are getting offensive when they have been given something for free.

          I went with your theme, I’ve used many themes in the past, and I rate your theme as one of the best that I have used due to the features that comes as standard and the design.

          Usually I tweak themes quite a bit to get the desired feature and looks but with your theme, I left all the coding alone, and only added a background image.

          Thanks again for providing this theme for free, I really appreciate your work 😉

  4. says:

    I strongly Dissatisfaction!! this strongly influenced the image of my site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jimo says:

    We fully tested it on all major browsers (included IE 7/8). Did you updated the theme to v0.20.2, as suggested above? Did you refreshed your server cache?
    Anyway we can’t do nothing about the image of your site. If our theme doesn’t work, just use another one! There’s plenty of beautiful themes over internet.

  6. Kevin says:

    I cant get my blog post to show I just get an error message? do I need to turn something else on?

  7. Tito says:

    were you guys able to fix the thumbnail Problem? i’m having trouble on my wordpress and I’m using the shiword theme. Great Job on the theme by the way.

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Tito,
      wich version of Shiword do you use (thumbinail were already fixed in version 1.15)?
      wich version of WP?

      P.S. Please, keep our credits visible (at least when you ask for support ;))

  8. Tito says:

    maybe i’m just not using it right but i’m using wordpress latest update and shiword 1.15

    • Jimo says:

      Uhmm, sorry but I can’t understand where the problem is.
      What’s the matter with the thumbnails? By looking at your site, I can see 2 posts with no thumbnail (the standard gray thumb is used).
      I mean, the problem between our theme (the older version, nb) and WP3.1 was that the thumbnails weren’t show properly only in the sliding menu and in the slideshow (as reported by Thierry here).
      The standard image in the main post list makes me think that the thumbnails were not setted in the posts, so please check if the thumbnails are actually setted.

      ps: I know that is possible to choose “transparent” as background color of the sliding menu, but this makes it almost unreadable 😉

      • Tito says:

        thanks for the advice on the background. How do i set the thumbnail on the posts? I tried using the featured image area but maybe thats not it. i don’t see an area that asks for thumbnails. like i said in my previous post it might be i’m just not doing it right. sorry

  9. Tito says:

    I’m sorry guys i’ve looked all over the web and i can’t find out how to put a thumbnail for a post or page. i even got a plugin called nextgen gallery that would “help with thumbnail management” but i still don’t get. sorry about the questions but i’m new at this and i need some schooling.

    • Jimo says:

      Don’t worry, we’re glad to help! :)

      So let’s try to add the thumbnail to posts with a little tutorial:
      – Click the “edit” link of the post
      – Now you’re in the page where to modify the post
      – Find & click the “Set featured image” link (in the bottom right)
      – A floating frame is appeared. Click the “Media library” tab (for example)
      – Click on the “show” link of one image of the list
      – The panel, with all the functions of the image you chose, is now expanded
      – Find & click the link “Use as featured image” at the bottom
      – The link is faded away and the thumbnail is setted. Now you can close the frame ( the “X” button on the upper left)
      – The image you chose is now visible in “Featured Image”

      That’s all.

      Here is a simple video

      Hope this helped!

  10. Tito says:

    thanks a million it worked.

  11. 柳亚 says:

    I like this theme~~~

  12. Hil says:

    I want to start by saying I love love love the Fast Food theme…it’s been a lot of fun to work with. :)

    I have just one teensy problem and I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. I use FF and Chrome and only realized today that commenting doesn’t work in IE. The only way someone can comment (that I can see) is if they see recent activity and go to read a previous comment from there. The little drop down on a post shows a comment, but you can’t click on it.

    I have version 3.1 for WordPress, version 0.20.2 for Fast Food, and IE7.

    Is there something I’m missing or a quick fix for this? Other than this teeny thing, it’s been an awesome theme and I hate to not be able to use it because people using IE can’t comment easily.

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Hil,
      thanks for using our theme. You’re right, with IE7 the links in dropdown can’t be clicked… damnit!!! I HATE IE!!! 😡
      Even so, you have 2 other links to get the comment form appear

      You can also disable the floating comment form by unchecking the option in theme options called “custom comment reply form”. Doing this, the comment form will be always visible after the comments.
      Hope this solve your problem.

      [EDIT] I made a fix for the javascript animations, you can find it here. Extract and replace the file in fastfood/js folder.

  13. Hil says:

    Thank you so much! I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates IE. Boooo!


  14. Gareth_d1 says:

    This is awesome – Thanks Dude

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