How to Use Firebug to Learn/Edit CSS Code

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Many users ask us something like this

“how can I change the style of my site, the width of this element, the color of that text ???”

and so on.

The easier way to do this is: Use Firefox and its addon Firebug!

On YouTube you can find a ton of videos about how to use them. Here’s one of the simpliest

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  1. V.I. says:

    Previous comment in old post removed due to url problems

    Inviato il 10/11/2011 alle 01:57 | In risposta a agustin.

    Hola, you have to go in theme options -> sidebar and check all three options (right sidebar, — on pages, –on posts). ¡hasta luego

    ps: this is not the right post for this type of requests. go here

    Inviato il 10/11/2011 alle 00:58

    hola, esta muy buena tu pagina, yo tengo la misma y tengo un problema. tengo las ventanas con una sola columna y quiero ponerle dos como la tuya. Me puedes ayudar?
    desde ya muchas gracias.

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