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Recently I updated my Foxtrick addon for Firefox to version 0.8, and unfortunately I realized that the skins I made long time ago (CleanTrick and DarkTrick) don’t work any more… D’oh!!!

First I thought it’s due to some changes in the html/css code of Hattrick page, but it’s not.

Actually it’s due to the Skin Plugin that comes with Foxtrick. Apparently it doesn’t work as in the past, taking the css code from an external source (.css file), but adding some plain css code in the text field (and the applying it to the page).
Therefore some css rules in my skins can’t be used (eg. in background: the image path points to a file that doesn’t exist).

So my beautiful skins are good only for the trash bin?? Luckily no :)

The (hat)trick is using them with Stylish!

Here the instructions

  • install Stylish addon to your Firefox browser (I’m guessing if there’s even the Chrome version…)
  • open the Hattrick page
  • click the Stylish icon and select write new style -> for
  • a “new style” window will open. Clean every code in it and add something like this
    @import url(file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/[...]/CleanTrick/CleanTrick_v1.css);
    Obviously you must use the path of your css file
  • set a name to your brand new style, save & close
  • …that’s all folks! Now you can use your (mine) skins again!

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  1. V.I. says:

    I was tired to use just the default skin 😉

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