WP Plugin: TB Chat Post

TB Chat Post plugin quickly and easily handles your “chat” posts. Its code checks whether the post has chat post format or not, then filters the content for re-layouting, automatically formatting it and applying a specific style.

It will work automatically as long as your chat transcripts are formatted in a Name: Message structure.

To make it short, it can turn this:

standard chat post

into something a little prettier, like this:

tb-chat-post: default style

The output then has a <li> element for each person and message inside an <ul> element. The plugin also add some useful javascript features for hiding/showing/moving left/moving right every message for each person in the chat.

It has a very simple look, so that you can easily style it as you like (eg. by editing the style.css file that comes with the plugin):

tb-chat-post: custom style

Please note that the plugin has no options page. Every customization must be done by editing its files.

This plugin is so simple that it will hardly be modified, unless you have some cool suggestions.

Probably it won’t be uploaded to the official WP Repository, by now you can download it from our GitHub repo

thanks to original code :

PS: Before someone points out, I know, it’s the most useless plugin ever made! 😀

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  1. V.I. says:

    Awesome useless 😀

  2. Jimo says:

    v 1.1
    added support for whatsapp formatted transcript

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