Almost everyone knows what the customizer is, a useful feature, introduced few versions ago, for customizing the blog with a live preview. It’s a really powerful tool!
Unfortunately the WP development team decided to dismiss the classic admin pages for the custom header and custom background in favor of the customizer (as described in this article: WordPress 4.1 to Remove Custom Background and Header Admin Screens).
I say “unfortunately” because it affects two of our themes: Fastfood and Shiword. Both themes use a modified page for handling their complex custom backgrounds. Moreover Fastfood adds an additional feature (the header slider) to the custom header page.

Those admin pages are now gone forever… well, not actually. They’re simply hidden and apparently unattainable.

We’re working hard to update our themes to be fully compatible with the customizer, but until then, here’s a small plugin for getting back the links to the classic admin pages for the header and the background:

TB Old-fashioned Header and Background

Don’t worry, the plugin does nothing but adding some few css rules to the admin side 😉

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  • ilmaren ilmaren
    Great job mate, You're doing great!
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WordPress just relesed its last update 3.4, which is great, with a lot of new amazing features and bla bla bla….

The WP team also cleaned the code, changing the beaviour of some existing functions, like add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’)… the result is that Shiword will generate a fatal error!

So, first of all, if you’re using Shiword, DON’T UPGRADE YOUR SITE TO V3.4 before making one of the following fixes!!!


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  • Darrell Penner Darrell Penner
    Thank you! Since I had already updated. I could only use #2, but it worked. I spent the afternoon troubleshooting …