Shiword + WP 3.4 = custom_background error

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WordPress just relesed its last update 3.4, which is great, with a lot of new amazing features and bla bla bla….

The WP team also cleaned the code, changing the beaviour of some existing functions, like add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’)… the result is that Shiword will generate a fatal error!

So, first of all, if you’re using Shiword, DON’T UPGRADE YOUR SITE TO V3.4 before making one of the following fixes!!!

fix #1:

go in theme options page, under “other” tab, and deselect the ‘custom background’ checkbox! Easy uh??

fix #2

Open shiword/lib/admin.php file and find the line

add_theme_support( 'custom-background', array( 'callback' => $header_callback ) );

(line 515 for shiword 3.02, and 395 for shiword 3.03)

and delete the whole line

fix #3:

upgrade to Shiword 3.03.1 that will fix the problem

Note: Shiword 3.03 is on the way to be published, but it doesn’t fix this issue

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  1. Thank you! Since I had already updated. I could only use #2, but it worked. I spent the afternoon troubleshooting Unfortunatly I didn’t realize I was also updating to WP 3.4 when I checked off updating The themes TwentyTen and TwentyEleven. Looking forward to 3.03 and 3.03.1! Keep up the good work!

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