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Themes – translations (WordPress)

  1. BeckMint says:

    Hi! I found Shiword theme so amazing and translated it into Chinese. Please contact me for the language file. Thanks again for making the beautiful theme.


  2. Shooter says:

    Can make tranclation from English into Russian…

  3. Jirka says:

    I am testing your template and likes it. I am offering Czech translation. Send me files for latest version please.

  4. ChelAxe says:

    Lang Ru Error!!!

    Ошибки в переводе на русский язык. Исправил вот результат. Обновите плиз…

    [EDIT: V.I.]Links removed, translation will be released and credits granted to author

    • koala says:

      Hi, very nice template, i use it and made a slovak translation, contact me for the translated files.

  5. Alan Pae says:

    Hate to have to do it this way but everytime I try to register for an account so I can ask a question in the forums it keeps telling me that I need a recaptcha key.

    How can I get an account so I can ask questions the proper way?
    Fill out the forms. Instead of a captcha box with letters there’s just this instead:

    Security Check
    To use reCAPTCHA you must get an API key from

    clicking sign up results in:
    To use reCAPTCHA you must get an API key from


    • V.I. says:

      That damned forum!
      Captcha settings were lost during an update, sorry about that…
      Everything it’s ok now :)

      P.S. We really appreciate that you want to use our forum for your questions, but, if you encounter any problem, feel free to ask them here :)

  6. Hi; I traslated to sapnish, but how do i make it work? (I already uploaded the 2 files to the languages folder, but happens, do i have to change something else where?)

    Also need to know how do I sent you the translation files..

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Rolando Gonzales,
      first of all you need to check that the files are named with the correct language code (eg Español – España = es_ES.po/.mo, Español – Perú = es_PE.po/.mo … ), if you don’t know the right language code you can check


      in wp-config.php.
      Hope it helps.
      I’ll contact you by email for the translation files.

  7. Spoke says:

    Hi! I translate wallow theme into spanish, if your interested, drop me an e-mail and I will send you the translation. 😉

  8. LCM3300 says:

    Hi TwoBeers,
    I’ve done the french translation for Fastfood 0.20.2. Contact me to get the file.

  9. V.I. says:

    License has change from GNU General Public License to GNU General Public License, version 2

  10. Douglas says:

    I have translated fastfood them e to Brazilian (pt_BR), but how I generate the other file? (.mo)?

    Some words im Portuguese have â, ã, é, ç. Can I put them into the translate file?

    #. Text in function
    #: functions.php:514
    msgid “– user”
    msgstr “– usuário”

    #. Text in function
    #: widgets.php:346
    msgid “Latest comment authors”
    msgstr “Último comentário do autor”

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Douglas,
      I thought that these special chars might be encoded. Apparently no. 😉
      Thanks for the translation

  11. Douglas says:

    Translate files for pt_BR (Portuguese Brazil)

    Best Regards


    [EDIT: Jimo]Links removed, translation will be released and credits granted to author

  12. Shlomo says:

    I love your theme, I am using it, but I found couple of miner bugs that I like to contributes for free for you people be able to make the WWW a batter place. Your them doesn’t support RTL language. I didn’t feel like going on each peace of HTML tag and css to figure out so I made a very simple changes that my site will show correctly right to left in the Hebrew Languages. the name of the fill in the fastfood theme directory is rtl.css

    I run into another ugly problem, on the functions.php the esc_html function was use without making sure to __(escape) the variable for internationalization translation. I am using qtranslate and it end up showing me the extra tags that it use to separate the languages. for example on line 259 $post_title = esc_html( $post->post_title ); should be $post_title = esc_html( __($post->post_title) );

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Shlomo, thanks for helping us with the theme. We work on ltr enviroments, so is hard for us developing themes that support rtl languages. Just like the multi-byte issue that some users reported us few days ago, we can not deal with these problems because we don’t have the tools and/or don’t have the knowledge.

      About the second problem, you’re right but consider that we can not test our themes with every plugin, so I just can say that we’ll surely take care of your suggestion.

  13. impeeza says:

    Hello there i want to help translating to latinamerica spanish,

    regards from Colombia

    • V.I. says:

      Hi impeeza, I’ll send you an email on monday as soon as I’ll be back home. Many thanks for your support :)

  14. hi guys, I offer my help for french translation if needed.

    Keep the good job !

  15. just a few words about me.

    I’m french I used to work with Development teams for some years (php /asp) I’ don’t want to work any more on such jobs but I’m ok for translation things.
    I do my first steps as comics author & scriptwriter, words are my job now !

  16. wallow French translation in progress, It’s nothing less than the best theme to me.
    Please don’t be affraid to tell me if another French team is working on… I would give up.

    J’ai commencé la traduction de wallow, si quelqu’un est sur l’affaire n’hésitez pas à me le dire je vous laisserai la place. Merci.

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Sebastien
      thanks for helping us with theme translation! No one is already working on a french translation of Wallow, so… go on! 😉
      However I must get you aware that we are developing a new version of that theme, with a lot of improvements. If you like, once it’ll be released (I don’t know when 😕 ), we’ll ask you help again

  17. no problem.
    I do copy my wallow.pot and translate this way :
    msgid “general looking **”
    msgstr “apparence générale”

    right ?

  18. V.I. says:

    Hi everyone, we have changed the way to submit for translation, please read the post again :)

  19. Wallow French fr_FR done and sent, how could I install it on my blog for a self preview ?

    • Jimo says:

      Just copy the fr_FR.po and files in the THEME/languages folder.
      Be sure you’ve set the language code in wp-config.php file
      (read here)

  20. ooops I think I’m stupid and I didn’t use the right file… must re do it ^^

    • Jimo says:

      Never mind 😉
      We’ll wait for your right file. Send it to our translation mail account
      Thanks in advance

  21. Shooter says:

    2 days ago I sand you wallow_RU.pot, russian translations, still can`t download russian .mo and .po files from your site.

  22. V.I. says:

    Hi shooter,
    We’re on holiday, we’ll be back on monday. Please be patient.

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