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Boozurk v1.01


  • Flexible width
  • Three columns
  • Widgets Support
  • Translation ready
  • Up to 7 sidebars
  • Standard WordPress
  • Gravatars Support
  • Theme options
  • Post formats support


  • Quick navigation

    navigation bar
    navigation bar

    In every page you can find many links for a fast navigation. In addiction, the navigation bar, usually fixed on the bottom right of the page, provides even more useful links and functions than the past.

  • Print preview

    On the navigation bar there’s also a button that let’s you have a quick print preview.

  • Mobile support

    mobile style

    The theme has a built-in feature for mobiles. If a user browse to your site with a mobile device, the theme automatically detects it and use a dedicated theme. Simple , clear and touch-screen friendly. A link to let the user switch between the two styles (mobile and standard), is also provided in the footer.

  • Custom widgets

    Besides the standard WordPress widgets, Boozurk adds a ton of new widgets for a super customization!

  • Inline post expander

    This feature converts the “more…” link (that usually redirects user to the complete view of post), in a dinamic expander, that shown the whole post content inline, without leaving the current page.

  • Thickbox images and galleries

    ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content and so on. While it is not maintained any longer, it has many advantages: is really lightweight and is already integrated in WordPress so there’s no need to worry about its compatibility.
    Note: the javascript code detects only images linked to the images itself, not to the attachment page.

  • MP3 Audio player

    swf MP3 player
    swf MP3 player

    A swf MP3 player for listening mp3 files even in browsers that don’t support them.

  • Cool tooltips

    Fading tooltips everywhere! ;)

  • Google +1

    Google +1

    The theme has the Google +1 feature already buit-in. You only need to activate it in theme options.

  • Custom logo

    You can set a logo that will be shown in the top right of the window. Go in theme options, find the “logo” option and simply paste the path to the image you want or choose it in your media libray by clicking the “select” button.
    Note: while the logo image will fit to its container on the right sidebar, we suggest not to use images larger than 200px.

  • Inline pagination

    Append the next page of posts (via AJAX) to your current page. You can decide (always in theme options), if this will be done automatically (when a user scrolls to the bottom), or manually (by clicking the link at the end of posts).
    Note: this feature has some disvantages, like:

    • The “footer” of the page will be impossible to reach if in auto mode.
    • There is no permalink to a given state of the page.
    • Some javascript features will not capture the event (like Google +1).



Boozurk adds some new widgets. They can be activated in the widget page, just below the standard ones. You can easily recognize them by their magent "b" icon.

  • Popular Posts

    A list of the most commented posts on your site.

  • Latest activity

    A list of the last commented posts on your site.

  • Latest comment authors

    The authors of the latest comments.

  • Popular Categories

    A list of categories, sorted by the number of related posts.

  • Follow Me

    This widget lets visitors of your blog to subscribe to it or follow you on popular social networks like Twitter, FaceBook etc. Remember to insert the full url to your accounts, not only the username!
    Note: the mail address will be javascript encripted to protect you from span.

  • besides…

    This widget will show your last “aside” or “status” post (unlike Ephemera in TwentyEleven, that show only aside ones)

  • Recent Posts in Category

    The last posts in a single category. If you choose “(current post category)” the widget will be visible only in single posts view and the category will be the same of the current post

  • Navigation buttons

    Some usefull buttons for an easier navigation experience. You can choose which button to show and which not. Normally the navigation bar is fixed and placed on the bottom right corner of the page. You can move the widget in every widget area

  • Post Formats

    A list of the supported post formats, which lets the user call a list of posts by their format

  • Image EXIF details

    This widget will display the image details (even EXIF if present). It’s visible ONLY in single image attachments

  • User quick links

    It’s some kind of an enhanced “meta” widget, showing useful links for users. By activating the “funny nick” option, your unregistered visitors will be greeted with a funny nickname (randomly generated).

  • Share this

    Show some popular sharing services links to publicize your contents. It’s visible ONLY in single post view.
    The services currently supported are:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Sina
    • Tencent
    • Qzone
    • Buzz
    • Reddit
    • StumbleUpon
    • Digg
    • Orkut


A Post Format is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its presentation of a post.

The theme uses the customization in lists (main blog, archives, search and so on), while, in single posts, the appearance will be ever the same (title + content)

The formats recognized are:

  • aside

  • audio

    the code will search for the first linked audio file ( .mp3, .ogg, .m4a ) inside the content. Make sure there’s one, at least.

  • chat

  • gallery

    the code will search for all the images attached to the post. Make sure there’s one, at least.

  • image

    the code will search for the first image (<img>) tag inside the content. Make sure there’s one, at least.

  • link

    the code will search for the first anchor (<a>) tag inside the content. Make sure there’s one, at least.

  • quote

    the code will search for the first quote (<blockquote>) tag inside the content. Make sure there’s one, at least.

  • status

  • video

In theme options you can choose, for many of those formats, the title and the content to be shown in lists


  • *.dev.js files are the same as *.min.js, but commented and uncompressed
  • if you experience any javascript problem, try disable animations in admin -> theme options
  • print_preview.css is a stylesheet file used to emulate a print preview.
  • the theme detects the following mobile devices/browsers/os : ipod, iphone, android, opera mini, blackberry, palm, symbian and many more
  • the secondary menus (one on top of page and one above the footer widget area), are optionals and must be enabled in appearance -> menu. They support only one level of hierarchy
  • this theme is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6 (or less), and it will never happen to be!

    so don’t ask…


Potete vedere l’anteprima e scaricare il tema direttamente da WordPress

Download Boozurk – now available

([] 22,000 downloads and counting [])

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126 Comments - Leave a comment
  1. Always thank you for splendid themes.
    I tried latest “Boozurk”.
    Though I am simple, I am impressed by a novel idea being included.
    Because I used “Shiword” all the time till now, I made the thumbnail icon image of the post in 125*125px, and I used it.
    But, in “Buuzurk” of the product, seem to be assumed an oblong icon now, and in this situation do not display a thumbnail icon image; when do not set it, is enlarged to width in total.
    Only 150px is displayed in the state of the default, besides, by the upper end.
    I comment out as follows first of all and evade it.
    .bz-featured-title img {
    /*width: 100%;*/

    For example, an icon is displayed to the right side of the title, and will the improvement that can just use an existing thumbnail icon image together be the thing which is not made?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    And always thank you for splendid themes.

  2. V.I. says:

    Hi gdgd,
    nice to read some new, good comment from you again :)
    I have to admit that we add featured images support a few minutes before uploading the theme to WP, as we were so busy developing (actually Jimo was, I was…ehm…doin’g nothing really usefull to this theme…), new functions that we forgot to plan how featured images should have looked like in index page…
    Be sure we’ll make them look better in a next release (or if WP won’t accept it, in the next first submission ;)).
    Thanks again for your suggestion and your compliments.

  3. V.I., hello.
    My PC is broken and goes for repair.
    That’s why confirmation became slow.
    Thank you for having you add the option about the thumbnail to the setting of the theme.
    It seems to be displayed the assumption street for the time being.
    Oh, because is a thumbnail, even this is good, but is displayed because the thumbnail image lays emphasis comparatively, and make it without it suffering from a title that it is possible; is glad, and think that is designed.
    Because I make a translation file first of all, I think that I will commit it when I was completed.
    Really always thank you for wonderful themes.

  4. All of TwoBeers Project, hello.
    My PC returned from repair safely.

    I used the Shiword theme and did not understand it how the case which the user who used the thumbnail image positively changed it of to Boozurk theme came, but thought that I was splendid if it seemed to become the following images for me.
    I think whether I am busy with one of the development, but I am happy if I have you add a number to even the end of the idea that there is if there is room for examination.

    It is something else from here.
    I think whether I am easy to do setting in an item of optional “colors for categories” of the theme if placement in consideration of the parenthood of the category is possible.
    In addition, it “is light” and “is lighter” and thinks the color of “the parent” to have possibilities to be easy to come to utilize it when it comes to be possible for the setting that is easy to let you reflect the relations between parent and child in a standard when I set the color between parent and child.

    Always thank you for wonderful themes.

    • Jimo says:

      happy that your pc is on the road again :)

      Your suggestion about the parent/child categories colors is really a good idea and we’ll give it a try on next update.
      Many thanks for all your smart tips!!!

      ps: sorry but the attachment you linked seems not to work

      • Hello, Jimo.

        ps: sorry but the attachment you linked seems not to work

        The address that I’m sorry it is my mistake, and is very right is this place.

        About the setting of the category color of the parent/ child, I have you challenge it!
        If thank you and expects it and waits, and this is implemented, I expect it when I get possible to keep a novel category color alive more!
        The category color is a splendid idea!

        Because a PC was recovered, the making of a Japanese translation file reopens.
        Of course I will commit it if completed.

        Always thank you for wonderful themes.

  5. Hello
    Disorder seems to produce it with the dashboard of the Boozurk theme and a new post-screen (in particular an HTML mode) with WordPress having been performed Update of to 3.3.
    Because I do not hurry, even in the case of next Update, I ask for correspondence.

  6. Hi!

    I like the ideas you’ve put into the theme.

    The page icon next to the posts and the arrows on the lower right for page navigation are something I have not really seen in other themes.


    • V.I. says:

      Hi Nitin,
      thanks for your comment (and your review of course :)).
      Our goal has always been to take something fresh into WP theme’s panorama, and I think that Jimo, with his original ideas, get really close to the target.
      Very soon we’ll upload the fixed version according to your review.
      Thanks again for all

  7. wombateer says:

    Great theme, keep up the good work.

  8. thisman says:

    wanna see it

  9. Update options. always have this message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/saranamu/public_html/wp-content/themes/boozurk/functions.php on line 1852

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/saranamu/public_html/wp-content/themes/boozurk/functions.php:1852) in /home/saranamu/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866

    • Jimo says:

      Hi, that’s a strange issue. I tried and tried to replicate it but nothing seems to work. Maybe creating a new post or a new category may solve the problem (I mean, create a post or add a new category, then try to update theme options). I’ll keep testing for this. Thanks for the feedback

  10. Hello
    I make a Japanese translation file of theme “Boozurk”.
    Let me do the question about the explanation of the setting item of widget “Recent Posts in Category”.
    The explanation of an item choosing a category than a list of pull-down
    “by selecting “(current post category)”, the widget will be visible ONLY in single posts”
    Of the inside
    “the widget will be visible ONLY in single posts”
    Will you be good by the interpretation that is displayed only when I display “single.php” template?
    I feel even such (single.php unexpectedness that it is not worked with displayed).
    Or will it be interpretation to “display only the post of the category that I chose”?
    Then I held anxiety when it might be misunderstood when I did not really revise an explanation.
    Perhaps I think that the interpretation of the latter person is right, but ask as a thing of indication.

    Always thank you for wonderful themes.

    A postscript.
    It was a help whether it would not be reflected in an official directory, or was Boozurk 1.04.1 security Update?

  11. Hello
    Please permit a comment contribution that I continue it.
    What kind of condition will “javascript” – “post expander” of the theme option function at the time of?
    I tested it several times, but was not able to confirm a change regardless of this optional effective / invalidity.
    When it is a function to replace [...] accompanied last in the extract of contents with “Read more…” belonging to a rink in Javascript, I understand it.
    “Only “” and loop/post.php” read, but it was not found the part which worked to replace with a link.
    Possibly it may be a problem due to “a Japanese edition package”, but please teach this optional condition to function because at first I want to do the limit drawn game of the factor.

    Always thank you for wonderful themes.

    • Jimo says:

      Sorry pal, I can’t understand your words…

      • Hello, Jimo.
        A question does not seem to have come.
        I’m sorry.

        “post expander” was implemented by Fastfood.
        I did not notice, and I’m sorry.
        Well, I worked in Fastfood, but do not work when I change it in Boozurk.
        A link is not displayed.

        If there are hints, please teach it.
        Thank you very much for your help.

        • Jimo says:

          ah ok, then go in theme options page -> Posts index -> standard and set the content option to “content” (instead of excerpt). This should work

          • Hello, Jimo.
            Thank you.
            I worked safely.
            It is one suggestion, but when it is not set “content”, “content” option of “the Posts index -> standard” cannot check “post expander” or thinks whether I am required and had better not describe it.

            Apart from what, thank you.

        • Jimo says:

          I know, descriptions should be improved… but it’s really boring ;)
          Always thanks for your precious suggestions!

  12. Allison A says:

    Hi there,

    I love the theme and redoing my site with the theme, but I do have two questions:

    1. Is there a way to adjust the width of the left sidebar widget area?
    2. I like the idea of using the “main menu look” set to “thumbnail and text” (Theme Options, Other), but where are the thumbnails set?

    It’s a great looking theme though and I’m having fun building my site with it.

    • Jimo says:


      1. Sure there’s is! ;) Say you have to decrease the width, from 250px to 150px. Then add the following code at the end of style.css

      body {
      	background-position: 156px 0; /* original is 256px 0 */
      #content {
          margin-left: 210px; /* original is 310px */
      #sidebarsx {
          width: 150px; /* original is 250px */

      You can change values by increasing/decreasing them accordingly

      2. If the main menu items are pages, the thumbnails will be added automatically (using the featured image), but – as in your case – if the items are customized links or categories, it is more difficult.

      You have to add this to the style.css file

      #menu-item-9 img {
      	background: transparent url('THE_FULL_PATH_TO_IMAGE') center no-repeat;

      for each item in your menu (you can easily get the id by looking at the source code or using Firebug), and , obviously, replace THE_FULL_PATH_TO_IMAGE with… the full path to image you like (dimensions should be 32×32)

  13. Allison A says:

    Thank you for your answer. That did exactly what I needed and it works great.

    I do have another question though. I’m trying to add a background image, either to the entire page or the individual widget areas, and can’t figure out how to do it.

    I added add_custom_background(); to the functions.php file and the Background feature appears, but the image doesn’t appear on the page, so I figured I needed to add that somewhere else but can’t figure it out.

    Is there a way to control the background images on the main page or in the individual widgets?

    Thanks again for your help on this.

    • Jimo says:

      about the background feature, you probably did it in the right way but , by looking at the style of your site, the image you choosed cant be found (“back11.jpg”). Dunno why.

      about the widgets background, their div has both an id and a class. Obviously the id is unique but not the class.
      therefore you can try adding some css code like you did before for the menu items.
      Add something like:

      #linkcat-25 {
      	background: transparent url('THE_FULL_PATH_TO_IMAGE') top left no-repeat;

      for every widget in your page. Be aware that if you delete/add/move the widgets, they probably will change their ids
      Hope it helps!

      • Allison A says:

        Thank you for your help. I have been able to control the backgrounds the way I like using your code.

        Now that I have posted my site and am getting some response, one thing I think I’d like to change is the fixed sidebar area, to make it scroll with the page like the opposite sidebar does.

        Also I noticed that there seems to be a difference in the alignment at the top of the left sidebar and the right (fixed) sidebar. I have similar HTML code in both, but can’t figure out why the left sidebar seems about a line lower than the right sidebar.

        Again thanks for the great theme and answering my questions. I have gotten alot of positive feedback about the new site design.

        • Jimo says:

          add this to your style.css

          #pages {
              overflow: auto;
              padding: 10px;
              position: absolute;

          I’m glad to listen about the positive feedbacks since the theme has an unordinary style (compared to other wordpress themes)

  14. msrosyidi says:

    I like this theme. But how can I move the fixed sidebar to the left and the non fixed sidebar to the right? Thanks.

  15. Owen says:


    Great theme, thanks very much. Can you please help me? The search widget on my website just links to the homepage. What do I need to change?



  16. Owen says:

    Hi again,

    I’m using the rich snippets testing tool and getting an error. This website ( a modification to single.php as a workaround.

    Where in the theme code do I do this please? Thanks again,


    • Jimo says:

      Hi Owen,

      try adding the following code inside the function boozurk_extrainfo (functions.php -> lines 1214-1233)

      <div class="vcard" style="display:none;">
      		<li class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></li>
      		<li class="author fn"><?php the_author(); ?></li>
      		<li class="updated"><?php the_date();?></li>
  17. Owen says:

    Perfect. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work! Thanks, Owen

  18. Mena says:

    Great Theme, Totally different and strange in a good way:)
    Where can i put the code for experts in the theme instead of displaying the content on the front page and pages ?

    Thank you :).

  19. Joey says:

    Awesome Theme. It is exactly what I wanted the website to incorporate. Thanks for creating a well designed option.

    My only problem is trying to size (resize) the featured image for the enhanced post title. I found a few css coding (rtl.css & style.css) that change the image but none of them did what I wanted to do.

    The theme default:

    The theme chooses WP Image Size ‘Large’ (which is w200 x h66, then 100% stretch)

    What I need:

    I need it to choose WP Image size ‘Full Size’ (which is w600 x h200)

    Can I do this? If yes, How? If no, I’m crying! ;]

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Joey,
      thanks for your compliments, we really appreciate.
      To fix it, you have to open functions.php (located in boozurk theme folder), with a text editor, go to line 999 and change

      				<?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, $boozurk_opt['boozurk_featured_title_thumb'] ? 'thumbnail' : 'large' ); ?>


      				<?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, $boozurk_opt['boozurk_featured_title_thumb'] ? 'thumbnail' : 'full' ); ?>

      Hope this helps.

      P.S. Next time provide your site url, as required to our TOS

    • Jimo says:

      “no-reply” user #4

  20. Ben says:


    Thx for ur works. i’m using wordpress theme boozurk.
    But i need something, if u can help me :

    How i can get, put and see tags of each post, like date, just of the top of post ? Because, i’m so surprising to not see in boozurk theme.

    Secondly, if it’s possible to get fixed all header part including mainmenu and BreadCrumb.

    Thank you very much.

    • Jimo says:

      Hi Ben
      thanks for using our theme

      How i can get, put and see tags of each post, like date, just of the top of post ? Because, i’m so surprising to not see in boozurk theme

      the “post details” widget is probably what you need. Drag it in one of the widgets areas (like the fixed one on the right side).

      if it’s possible to get fixed all header part including mainmenu and BreadCrumb.

      try this [EDIT: UPDATED TO V2.08]
      1) open header.php file and wrap the header part with a div, like this

      <div id="my_fixed_head"><!-- here begins my fixed header -->
      	<?php boozurk_hook_header_before(); ?>
      	<div id="head">
      		<?php boozurk_hook_header_top(); ?>
      		<?php echo boozurk_get_header(); ?>
      		<?php boozurk_hook_header_bottom(); ?>
      	<?php boozurk_hook_header_after(); ?>
      </div><!-- here ends my fixed header -->

      save and close

      2) open style.css and add:

      #my_fixed_head {
      	background: url("images/bg.png") repeat-y scroll -12px 0 #FFFFFF;
      	margin-left: -42px;
      	margin-right: 262px;
      	padding-left: 42px;
      	padding-top: 40px;
      	position: fixed;
      	top: 0;
      	z-index: 100;
      #posts_content {
      	padding-top: 230px;
      #breadcrumb-wrap {
      	border-right: none;
      	margin-bottom: 0;

      save and close

      3) play with the css values until everything looks ok

      Hope it helps.


  21. Ben says:

    Merci beaucoup.
    I’ll try thoses..

  22. I am trying to put an image for the header, and getting into a muddle.
    a) Is it possible with Boozurk
    b) Can you point me to help that will enable it?

    Thank you

    Joseph Harris

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Joseph,
      Boozurk doesn’t support image header, btw i think you can manually set an image in Menu Widget Area, using a text widget.
      Or, if you want, you can set a logo for your site:
      point to Dashboard -> Themes -> Theme options and in Other section you’ll find the Logo upload function.
      Hope it helps

      • Yes, it answers my question and is clear. I like your theme very much, but that central position I need to both be in a particular font, and include an image.

        Very reluctantly I will go to another theme. But yours is an excellent product, and I note it is well appreciated. Good luck with it and to yourselves.

        Joseph Harris

        • V.I. says:

          Thanks Joseph,
          I appreciate your words.
          Good luck to you, too.

          P.S. the link you set in website field is wrong [edit] lol I’m an idiot…testingondesktop…muhahahahaha…I was getting mad looking for that website
          P.P.S. if you have some css skill you can manually edit blog’s header by editing #head properties in style.css

        • Jimo says:

          next version (2.00.1) has the custom header feature. This version is still under review by the WP team, but you can download it here:

          • Just got back to you. Jimo, you’re gentleman. Yes, it looks as though you’ve solved the one thing that I really wanted. And that enables me to use the thing that most attracted me, the ability to place an image top left of the whole page/post container area.

            That’s the if…else (image or type) on header.php. Do you call this the header widget area in widgets.css? Or am I right that I need only put the image url (or just name if it is in the same folder as header.php with single quotes) and set head h1 to ‘display: none’ in header.php?

            I am very rusty on what I knew of php, though it seems to be returning bit by bit.

            Thanks again, downloading now and will substitute the files, both on the desktop, and to my (currently hidden) website when I have the basics for it right.


  23. Jimo says:

    The only thing you need to do for adding the header image is selecting it in appearance->header page. Once you select an image for the header, the site title will be hidden, without editing the code.


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  26. Iain says:

    I reaslly like the theme, but when I try to edit the category templates I get access denied…?

    Also I would like sone options to use the front page a little more in a gazzette style.,…?

    Thanks for your work!


  27. Qunjilmo says:

    Hey. I have a question for you. Is it possible to make a theme fixed?

  28. Boozurk主题非常漂亮,很喜欢,很大气!!谢谢博主能提供这么好的主题!

  29. Iain says:

    BUG REPORT: When I am in settings for Boozurk, choosing ‘other’ settings, and choosing a logo to appear, if I have enough images I have to select a second page to see more images for the logo, but when I do this I get an error…

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Iain,
      thanks for your report, we’ll do our best to solve the problem in the next release.
      Meanwhile you can relod your logo, so it’ll be visible in the first page of the selection gallery.

      [Issue Added]

  30. Steve Brown says:

    I’m new to WordPress and trying to use your Boozurk theme. How can I change the background from white to something else?

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Steve,
      thanks for choosing one of our themes.
      Unfortunally, boozurk doesn’t support custom background, I’m afraid you should manually edit css to archieve your goal.

  31. Alna says:

    This is really a nice theme. I will try to use it as a theme for one of my new Projects.

  32. Piramit says:

    I love it !! I wanna use this theme in my website Avrupa Yakası Temizlik Şirketleri but it’s blogger ? How can i use it in blogger ?

    • Jimo says:

      you can’t use it for Blogger, because it’s made for WordPress.
      The conversion (while possible) is too hard and honestly we have no plans in that way. Sorry, bye

  33. Nadia Nova says:

    Hello, thanks for your job!
    This theme is great, I decide to use it in my women journal.

    • Jimo says:

      Thank you Nadia!

      • Nadia Nova says:

        Jimo, Now I get mistake in posts – text going away from post module. Please look here How can I improve it? Sorry for my bad English.

        • Jimo says:

          The content of this post has a weird formatting (a lot of <span> tags…).
          If you copy/pasted it from somewhere, that formatting has been probably imported from the source.
          Try one of the following:
          1 – edit your post by pasting the text in text mode (because the visual mode may mess all the things up).


          2 – add this code to the custom CSS option field in theme options

          .storycontent {
              word-wrap: break-word;

          The latter is not a great solution, just in case of emergency ;)

          Hope it helps

          • Nadia Nova says:

            Thanks! I find the same decision as you wrote. I bought the article and copy that – thats why it was… I used bloknot and its ok. :)

        • Jimo says:

          Glad you solved it. Happy blogging! :)

  34. Berty says:

    Hi, I just want to add the facebook like button and the twitter button under Google +1, long to the article.

    How can I do ?

    Thanks a lot for the top tema you’ve done ! Grazie mille

    • ilmaren says:

      Hi Berty,
      there are two ways (actually hundreds if you begin with plugins), to add “like” buttons to a theme.

      Boozurk has a post widget area and some custom widget, if you want to follow this way, just add “share this” widget to “Post Widget Area”.
      Another way is to use “Publicize” that can be found in Jetpack plugin.

      Hope it helps

      • Berty says:

        Thanks Ilmaren,
        I know multiple pugins that can publish likes button but my question is specifically on Boozurk tema, in the left colored column (at the right of the left sidebar ;-)).

        There is Google +1 button and I want to add under it the facebook and twitter one for people to share and like or retweet. It’s not a widget area.

        “Share this” does not coorespond to what I want to do. But really thanks I did not know Publicize and I will use it ASAP !

        So my question still open to the dev team, thanks yous,


        • Jimo says:

          try the following:
          -open functions.php with the editor and add (at line 583, after <?php edit_post_link( '<i class="icon-pencil"></i>' ); ?>) this code

            	<a class="btn facebookshare pmb_comm" target="_blank" title="share this with Facebook" href="<?php echo rawurlencode( get_permalink() ); ?>&t=<?php echo rawurlencode( get_the_title() ); ?>" onclick=", 'facebook-share-dialog', 'width=626,height=220');return false;"><i class="icon-facebook"></i></a>
          		<a class="btn twittershare pmb_comm" target="_blank" title="share this with Twitter" href="<?php echo rawurlencode( get_permalink() ); ?>&text=<?php echo rawurlencode( get_the_title() ); ?>" target="_blank"><i class="icon-twitter"></i></a>

          -you can add the following css code to style.css for a better look

          .facebookshare:hover {
          	background: #456CAF;
          .facebookshare:hover .icon-facebook {
          	color: #fff;
          .twittershare:hover {
          	background: #00ABF0;
          .twittershare:hover .icon-twitter {
          	color: #fff;
          • Berty says:


            Thanks a lot, it works very fine !
            I’ll let you know when online,


  35. lamourta says:


    i was just hoping that you could direct me on how to make the header and footer full screen?
    (with the main content and two sidebars in between them)

    i’d really truly appreciate the help!

    thank you.

    • ilmaren says:

      Hi lamourta,
      sorry it takes so long to reply, but we were on holiday.

      You should be patient for another few days ’till Jimo’s back, as I can’t help you with your achievenent now.


    • Jimo says:

      the faster way is the following:
      - open footer.php in the editor and move (line 38)

      </div><!-- close content -->

      right before <div id="footer"> (line 20)
      You should get something like this:

      	<?php get_sidebar( 'secondary' ); // show secondary widgets area ?>
      </div><!-- close content -->
      <div id="footer">
  36. 小饶同学 says:

    Hello, may I ask a question with you?

    For the format of the article, such as audio, video, etc.,

    In a video, how to insert a video link?

  37. Kyle says:

    You guys do great work. Thank you!

  38. Racine says:

    Hi, just want to say that I love this theme and enjoy working with it. The only problem I have is that the navigation minibuttons have never worked. I previously paid a guy to fix them for me, and then I just updated my theme to the latest version and now they don’t work again. Can you direct me in the right direction so I can fix this issue?

    Thanks so much

  39. racine says:


    There seems to be no search results page… any info or documentation on how to fix this issue? What template does the theme use for search results? I made a template called search.php… but to no avail ;/

    Thank you!

  40. racine says:

    ok… got the search results to work in safari, but not firefox… weird.

    • Jimo says:

      That’s really weird…
      Your site seems to use the “coming soon” template instead of the regular one for every page (single view, search results, archives, etc etc). Are you using some kind of cache plugin, such as W3 Total Cache or similar? At least you may try deleting the “coming soon” template (coming-soon.php) from the theme installation folder, and see what happens…

      ps: since our credits on the footer are hidden, we’ll give you only a limited support, accordingly to our tos, sorry

  41. Borislav says:

    Hi Guys!
    First sorry my English, because it is not very good!
    I use Boozurk theme version 2.02. The theme is the best!
    I have a little problem and i want little help!
    The problem is: when i use my phone and serve my site, sometimes the theme not switch to mobile view and everything in my site is with wrong view.

    I also use WP super cashe plugin, and I hope that is no problem.

    Before 2 weeks I made changes in my CSS ant put this code to the end of the CSS. The code is:

    body {
    background-position: 206px 0; /* original is 256px 0 */
    #content {
    margin-left: 260px; /* original is 310px */
    #sidebar-primary {
    width: 200px; /* original is 250px */

    I hope that is not problem to put this code!

    My site is
    The site is in Bulgarian language

    When I test my site here ( for mobile view everithing is wrong. I mean that is not the mobile view of the theme.


    • ilmaren says:

      Hi Borislav,
      thank you for your feedback :-)

      I’ve browsed your site directly from my mobile and I didn’t encountered any problem, but, of course, whith that test site everything is wrong. In their faq section you can read: ” … Therefore it uses your browser’s rendering engine to “emulate” websites … ” and ” … was never intended to be a precise mobile operating system emulator … “, this mean it doesn’t send to the site the correct headers, so when your server get the request for a page, that is from your browser, not from a mobile phone, and it send out the standard desktop view.

      To test your mobile enviroment, you should always use your mobile phone, or at least emulate it through special browsers (I can’t remember the name, maybe Jimo…), or plugins (like “User agent switcher” for firefox – you should find several tutorials on how to use it).

      Another tip I can give you is to check that wp super cache is correctly configured (or better disabled), for mobile view, as a bad configuration could lead wpsupercache to output cached desktop view instead of a fresh mobile view.

      Hope it helps

      P.S. Your english couldn’t be worste of our, so it’s very good! :-)

      P.P.S. Add your custom css in Theme options -> Style -> custom css code, this practice will prevent future losses due to updates (pretend always the best ;-) )

      • Borislav says:

        I resolved the problem with mobile view. The problem was from the plugin wp super cache. Now everything is perfect.

        P.S. The theme boozurk is the best! You are the best!

        P.P.S. I want to upgrade to the version 2.08.1 but i want the sidebars (primary and secondary) to look like now on my site view. Can you suggest me how to do that? Because when i upgrade to the new version the sidebars (primery and secondary) become more wide. I want to be 200px.

        • Jimo says:

          In recent version of the theme, changing the size of sidebars is harder than in earlier versions.
          What about trying the version 3.00? It’s still unpublished but it’s ready in our github account.
          In that brand new version, the width of sidebars can be set by theme options.

          ps: thanks for compliments, really appreciated :)

  42. Borislav says:

    The new version of the theme 3.00 is perfect. I tested it on localhost on my computer. The theme is great.
    Congratulations you are Ninjas!

  43. Cawn says:

    the theme is so nice

  44. racine says:

    Hi…. I’ve just updated to the new 3.0 version and have some custom css that you guys provided me before the update to put in my “Theme Options” area. Since the update the code is no longer valid. Can you please tell me how to update the code below so it works with the new version of the theme?? Thank you so much for all your help :))

    /* Custom Site Adjustments
    #content {
    margin-right: 560px;
    #sidebar-secondary {
    width: 500px;
    #navbuttons.fixed {
    right: 520px;
    #sidebar-secondary.fixed .inner,, .secondary.bottom-fade {
    width: 490px;
    #navbuttons a [class^="icon-"],
    #navbuttons a [class*=" icon-"],
    #navbuttons a [class^="icon-"]:before,
    #navbuttons a [class*=" icon-"]:before {
    display: block; /* Safari fix */
    #head_wrap.fixed {
    margin: -20px 462px 0 -42px; /* boozurk v3+ */
    @media screen and (min-width: 1440px) {
    #navbuttons.fixed {
    margin-left: 649px;
    #sidebar-secondary.fixed {
    margin-left: 592px;
    /* Padding for Top Menu Bar
    #secondary1 {
    padding-top: 0px;
    /* Adjust content width for Coming Soon Template
    .coming-soon .hentry {
    max-width: 960px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    /* Note- using “Coming Soon” template for single.php, archives.php (added file), and category.php (added file). Back up these templates before theme update(s).

    /* Correction: slight fix for single.php———-*/
    .single .format-status .storycontent,
    .single .category-status .storycontent {
    padding-left: 30px;

  45. racine says:

    Hi Jimo!!! U said the theme has an option for resizing sidebars?? Can you tell me where/how to do that because I think that would solve the whole problem. Sorry for my late response… for some reason I am not notified by email when you respond to my post even though I checked the 2 notifiers below. I am dizzy from looking at the computer so long too. I will try to resize the sidebar tho, please direct me where to do that.

    Thanks again! LOve u guys!

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