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we want youTwoBeers WP themes are ready for the translation in other languages, to support the themes in your language, simply download the .pot file of your preferred theme from this page (two versions could be available: released refer to the current stable version released through WordPress Theme Directory; beta refer to the stable version under development – next release), translate and email it to

translations [ a t ] twobeers [ d o t ] net
(please, don’t ask for support to this address, we won’t answer…).

When you send us the translation file, please remember to:

  • add theme name and version wich the translation refers to
  • add name / website we should place it as credit note (if you like it)
  • html encode special charachters
  • add the confirmation that you are agree to license the translation under GNU General Public License, version 2

N.B. Links will be provided only for personal blogs/sites that use one of our themes. Only name will be provided for commercial and other kind of sites (especially for those not dressed by TwoBeers).

TwoBeers will provide credits for the translation in this page.

Thanks everyone.

External sites are not related in any manner with
We just provide the credits to the translation’s author


– I want to make the translation. Where’s the source file?

The .pot file is included in every theme package. Check the THEMENAME\languages folder.
Or you can download it from this page.

– Ok, I got the zip with the translated files. Now what??

Installation: simply extract .zip file content into THEMENAME\languages folder.

– The translation is available in my language, but refers to an older version. Can I use it anyway?

Sure! You can safely use translations for older theme versions but remember that the translation may be incomplete

– The translation I’ve submitted has been replaced by another one of the same version, why that?

TwoBeers Crew trust the Community, so, if some user say that translation is incomplete or wrong, we trust him and replace the translation files.
Of course we’ll keep first translator credits, gratefully for the time spent.

– Ok, my translation wasn’t so good, but why didn’t you contact me instead of replacing it?

Sorry about that, we know this is not a polite way to do things, but we try to give users the best and time is not our friend.


  • English: Default language
  • Italian: Default translation provided in the theme archive

fastfood screenshotFastfood

  • English: Default language
  • Italian: Default translation provided in the theme archive


  • English: Default language
  • Italian: Default translation provided in the theme archive


  • English: Default language
  • Italian: Default translation provided in the theme archive

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  1. Saiful Hasan says:

    this is really good

  2. Cacau says:

    Help! My website has the light blue box with the translation from portuguese to english but I don’t want to show it because it annoys the people that are reading my blog. Please help me to shut this down! Thank you!

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Cacau,
      this is the wrong place where to ask for support.
      BTW I think your problem is due to WP-Super Cache and some translation plugin you’re using.

      P.S. read our TOS and use our Support Forum for this type of questions

      These 2 comments will be deleted in the following 48 hours

  3. GeaVox says:

    AWESOME THEME! Hey guys, you have made me so happy! At last I can have my very own iPad without selling my MacBook 😀 I just LOVE this theme… it’s elegant, compact and uses the most intelligent interface I have come across. I can’t wait to recommend it to everyone I know…

    I am a bit on the penniless side right now, work only 12 hours a week, but as soon as I can get some bread together, there’s some beer money coming your way, for sure!


    SPETTACOLARE! Ragazzi, mi avete fatta cosi’ felice! Finalmente posso avere un iPad tutto mio senza dovermi sbarazzare del mio McBook 😀 ADORO questo tema… e’ elegante, compatto e usa l’interfaccia piu’ intelligente che mi sia mai capitata tra le mani (o.. forse, tra i tasti :)!

    Sono un po’ squattrinata in questo momento, lavoro solo 12 ore a settimana, ma appena ho due soldi eccovi due birrette figlioli! Ve le meritate 😀



    Gea UK

  4. lefo says:

    I’m using Fast Food, and I really like it! However, I don’t want to use the built in follow me links; I’d rather use Sexybookmarks. How do I remove the built in floating bar for Twitter, Facebook, etc?


    • V.I. says:

      you should disable ti through theme options page.

      P.S. this is the translation page! Please post your answers in the correct section…

  5. CArlos Batista says:

    Hi, I would like to translate to PT-BR the theme Shiword.
    How do ?

    • V.I. says:

      open languages/shiword.pot with a text editor, inside double quote msgstr “” add the translation of the above >msgid “[…]”, then follow the instructions above.

  6. mary says:

    hi,man,it’s great

  7. Mr.Ediqut says:

    Hi bro ,I finished translat theme shiword so happiness!

  8. Mr.Ediqut says:

    by my language ,is ug_CN ,language of xinjiang china ,name is uyghur language,look like arabic font! but I used our Alpida Unicode System font!

  9. V.I. says:

    Hi Mr.Ediqut,
    this is a great news, it’ll be great if you send us the translation at the above mentioned email.

    • Mr.Ediqut says:

      That was All of your themes great finish translate by me! But I not intresting in Buzruk theme,cause I dident like it color and style !

      • V.I. says:

        mmm I think you misanderstood my words, or I’ve misanderstood your intentions…
        You said you’ve done the translation of shiword in your language, then I tell you “why don’t you send it to us, so other people can benefit from your work?”; and your answer is that you’ve translated all of our themes, but you’re not interested in boozurk.
        Sorry mate, but I give up, no-sense in your words for me.
        If you don’t want to share your work, no problem at all, it’s your choice, but please don’t come here and say “I’ve done it”.

  10. Jose Mejia says:

    Great theme fast and beautiful
    I have placed the Spanish mo an po files in the language directory. BUT the site continues in English how can i change the menus to italian or spanish. Where in the theme is the selection to make it go to a different language.

    thanks you

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Jose,
      looking at the source of your page, I see:

      lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US"

      this mean your blog language is set to English US.
      To fix it, open wp-config.php file with a text editor and set language value as follow:

      define('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

      Hope it helps.

  11. NickSan says:

    Beatiful theme! Thank you! I send to your E-mail my translation for Russian language. Sorry my bad english :)

  12. Zul Afdal says:

    Sorry, i want’s ask to admin, this themes free or premium. Please reply my question …

  13. V.I. says:

    * added:
    * Boozurk 1.04 Japanese
    * Fastfood 0.30 Czech
    * updated
    * Shiword 3.02 Japanese

  14. Jimo says:

    * added:
    * Boozurk 1.04 Romanian
    * Fastfood 0.30 Romanian

  15. Jimo says:

    * added:
    * Fastfood 0.30 Brazilian

  16. Jimo says:

    * updated:
    * Shiword 3.04 Japanese
    * Wallow 0.50 Japanese
    * Wallow 0.50 Dutch

  17. norman says:

    Hello all, I have fast food it’s great… I have just a little problem to incorporate Buddypress, how ?
    Please help me :)

    • V.I. says:

      Hi Norman,
      I’m afraid fastfood doesn’t support Buddypress and it’s not in our project to add it.
      I’m sorry we couldn’t help.

  18. V.I. says:

    * Boozurk 1.04 Filipino
    * Wallow 0.50 Filipino
    * Fastfood 0.33 Filipino
    * Shiword 3.04 Filipino

  19. fastnettools says:

    Greetings! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when browsing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might
    be able to fix this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share.

    • V.I. says:

      it’s our theme Shiword that make the blog so mobile frendly :).
      If you use WP for your site, I suggest you to try out onw of our themes: boozurk, fastfood or shiword.
      If not, you should look around and find a site that help you style your site for mobile.

  20. V.I. says:

    * Shiword 3.04 Brazilian

  21. V.I. says:

    * Boozurk 2.02.1 Japanese

  22. Hi Everybody,

    I was work for turkish language translations on Shiword WordPress Project. Today was finished and ı will sending to e-mail yours respectable designers. Really make good things for this script. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Hello From Turkey.

    Note: I will explain to the adding for theese language files with other ( Turksih ) language.

    Herşeyden önce yaptığım çeviri konusunda sadece 1 satır haricinde hepsi tarafımdan Türkçeleştirilmiştir. Tek yapmanız gereken ; Ftp ile hostunuza bağlanıp ;

    1-) Public_html klasörünün içerisindeki wp-content=>languages=>themes içerisine kopyalamanız.

    2-) Eğer ki WP Super cache kullanıyor iseniz öncesinde bunu iptal edip ( geçici olarak ), ön belleği bir seferliğine olsa da temizlemeniz.

    3-) Bu çeviri standart olan Shiword’ün ön görünümlü olan scripti ile yapılmıştır. Eğer ki bu konuda eksiğiniz ya da değiştirilmesi gereken bir durumu söz konusu olursa bizzat adresine göndermeniz yeterlidir.

    4-) Her türlü bu çeviri tarafımdan yapılmış olsa da, tüm telif hakkı ( TwoBeers Project)’e ve tüm ekip üyelerine aittir.


    Zahir Murat Akın

  23. V.I. says:

    * Shiword 4.01 Japanese

  24. Jimo says:

    * Shiword 4.01 Turkish

  25. der_booker says:

    Respekt, coole Themes.

  26. Jimo says:

    * Shiword 4.03 Chinese

  27. nosrati says:

    i can help you to translate themes to persian.
    do you need my help?

  28. Сергей says:

    Очень нравятся Ваши темы. С удовольствием использую на своих сайтах. Спасибо что Вы есть!
    P.S. Отправляю переводы некоторых тем на указанный Вами email.

    • ilmaren says:

      Thank you Сергей,
      we appreciate your contribution.
      I don’t speak russian, and google doesn’t help to mutch in translation, so I can’t understand everything you wrote…
      Anyway translation will be added soon (hope this afternoon GMT +2).

      P.S. The same for all the translations sent to us; Sorry it took so long, but we are “under heavy fire” during this time of the year.

  29. ilmaren says:

    * Boozurk 2.07.1 Japanese
    * Fastfood 0.36 Japanese
    * Wallow 0.50 Russian

  30. ilmaren says:

    * Shiword 4.03 Japanese

  31. mo-tah says:

    don’t you have any webpage theme translated rtl languages which i may write down or write over it for my Persian translated themes?
    i cannot receive an account confirmation from WordPress-site what you comment?

    • ilmaren says:

      Hi mo-tah,
      I can’t clearly understand what you need.

      If you want to translate a theme, just choose one and do it.

      If you want to modify one of our themes to make your own, you can do it: they’re all under GNU General Public License, version 2

      About rtl, all our themes are rtl styled, but, as we’re not in an rtl country, we can’t provide an already translated example

      P.S. sorry it takes so long, but we were on holiday
      P.P.S. your previous comment will be reported below, but deleted as posted in the wrong post

      i want to reload a Persian translated word-press theme namely chaos-notepad which its language is Persian ,i mean it has some files rtl to be translated correctly.please let me know may i write down it as a word-press theme as one of your project theme or not?

  32. ilmaren says:

    * Boozurk 2.05 Serbian

  33. Hi Everybody,

    I was work for turkish language translations on Wallow WordPress Project. Today was finished and ı will sending to e-mail yours respectable designers. Really make good things for this script. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Hello From Turkey.

    • And this is not my last translations. I’m still working for the other project translations ( about boozurk and fastfood ). I hope so will being finished soon. Hello from Turkey and god blessing to yours.


      Zahir Murat Akın

    • ilmaren says:

      Hi Zahir Murat Akın,
      thank a lot for your support.
      In the next 8h your translation will be added to our database and site.

      Keep up the good work.


  34. ilmaren says:

    * Wallow 0.61 Japanese
    * Wallow 0.61 Turkish

  35. ilmaren says:

    * Wallow 0.61 Russian

  36. Jimo says:

    * Wallow 0.60 French

  37. Hi Everybody,

    I was work for turkish language translations on Boozurk WordPress Project. Today was finished and ı will sending to e-mail yours respectable designers. Really make good things for this script. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Hello From Turkey.

  38. ilmaren says:

    * Boozurk 2.07.1 Turkish

  39. ilmaren says:

    * Boozurk 2.08.1 Japanese

  40. ilmaren says:

    * Shiword 4.03 Turkish

  41. Сергей says:

    Отправил переводы на указанный Вами email. Пожалуйста проверте почту.

  42. Jimo says:

    * Shiword 4.03 Russian
    * Fastfood 0.36 Russian

  43. ilmaren says:

    * Boozurk 3.00 Japanese

  44. Jimo says:

    * Boozurk 3.00 Japanese

  45. translate ru_Ru boozurk 3.00
    Hello!Проверьте почту перевел тему на русский

  46. Hi again Guys. I will finished soon Fastfood Translations to Turkish Languages. I will try to tested on my another website. If that was be passed on test when I can share with you on e-mail.

    Best Regards.

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